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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance Information

We all have dreams and aspirations. We want to see our mortgages paid off, our investments grow, and our children educated and prosperous. Many of us define success as having made it a little easier for our children to succeed. But what happens if we don’t live long enough to see these dreams fulfilled? Will the family have to sell the house? Will your spouse have to dip into the children’s’ college fund just to survive?


They can tell us how many people are going to die every year from each cause, they just can’t tell us who or when.


You can insure that your dreams come true, even if you are not around to see them. Providing the proper amount of life insurance can do this. In determining how much is necessary, make certain that you include enough to:


  • Pay off the mortgage

  • Pay for final expenses

  • Pay off car loans and credit card debt

  • Fully fund the children’s college fund

  • Leave enough money to create an annuity that will provide enough to compensate for lost income on a monthly basis


There are several forms of Life Insurance, including:


  • Whole Life

  • Universal Life

  • Variable Life

  • Level Premium Term

  • Annual Renewable Term


Which one is right for you? There is no ‘one size fits all’. We need to sit down to develop and customize a plan based on YOUR need, YOUR situation and YOUR income. Anyone who tells you they can do this without getting these details is not doing you any favors.


Life Insurance is the single, most unselfish thing any individual can do for their family. Like the commercial says, “It’s not for the person who dies, it’s for the people they leave behind.” Ensure that your dreams don’t have to die if you do.

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